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Sewer Cleaning

Jerry’s Sewer Cleaning Service offers many ways to help diagnose and resolve your sewer problem. We start by discussing the issue and your concerns (past, present and future). We then develop a plan that will suit you best.
If your line is backed up, maybe simple rodding is all that you need. If it’s an ongoing challenge, we can check the line to determine the exact cause of it.
From there, we may open the sewer line through sewer rodding, hydro jetting, chemicals and pumping.

Sometimes, grease causes hard-to-remove clogs in your sewer lines. We have special chemicals that can help to safely and effectively remove grease.

Tree Roots can be a big problem for your sewer line. With our extensive excavating experience, we can remove those roots – and help minimize the odds that they’ll be a problem again.

Sewer lines are sometimes difficult to find. We have sophisticated equipment that can find your lines and minimize costs.

Jerry’s Sewer Cleaning has 25 years of experience working on Sewer Systems, so your problem won’t be new to us.

Jerry’s Sewer Cleaning Service uses the latest video cameras to analyze why your sewer line is clogged and determine the most effective solution for you.

If you’re dealing with sewer lines clogged by grease from a kitchen sink, dirt or other small debris, jetting can be an effective solution.

A jetter will use high-pressurized water to clear the sewer line. Using different cutting heads, we can also cut tree roots and flush them out without having to dig up the yard.

If you run a restaurant, we can clean the lines thoroughly for you as well.
At Jerry’s Sewer Cleaning Service, we believe there isn’t a line clogged by grease or minor tree roots that we cannot open!

For some clogs, chemicals are the best way to clear out your sewer line.
Jerry’s Sewer Cleaning Service uses safe chemicals to help clear out your sewer line. We also sell chemicals that prevent lines from becoming clogged – or at least help reduce your service intervals.

For some severe sewer line clogs, excavation might be required. We have the experience to dig in and get the job done right for small and large projects alike.

Once your sewer line has been cleared, regular preventative maintenance will help keep it clean. This may be achieved with chemicals or a cleaning schedule that will eliminate messy back-ups.

Jerry’s services and maintains various lift stations whether big or small, industrial or residential. From inside ejector pump replacement to outside lift stations, we can handle them all.

Jerry’s Sewer Cleaning Services carries a complete line of pumps for what you need. We also stock various pumps on our trucks so you won’t end up under water.
Ask about our battery back-up systems for when the power goes out as well. Our systems have the longest-lasting batteries in the profession.