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Septic Tank Cleaning

At Jerry's, our goal is to help our customers keep their septic systems operating correctly for as long as possible. One of the things our customers can do is routinely maintain their system by pumping the septic tank. This helps the field last longer as it removes the sludge from the septic tank which keeps it from flowing out into the septic field lines. Also by pumping the tank you have the opportunity to look at the baffles in the tank to make sure they are intact and in place, as they also help to keep the sludge out of the field lines. The Department of Public Health recommends pumping the tank out every three years, depending on the size of the tank and the number of people using the system.

Another service we provide, as a licensed septic system installer, are septic system inspections for real estate sales. Only licensed installers or sanitarians, are qualified to perform these inspections, not septic pumping companies. Please call us for a quote on both regular maintenance pumping and inspections for real estate closings. Remember, maintenance is the key to making you system operate properly and last much longer.